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Welcome to Whitehorse Curling Club!

It is our pleasure to host the 2015 NVD Hotels Division Canadian Masters Curling Championship at the Whitehorse Curling Club. Our hosts will try their best to ensure that you have great ice and a very exciting experience in Whitehorse. Check our website for more news. See you soon!


31 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello
    I am a member at the club where team Ontario is based.
    Could you tell me if you know if there will be any web-streaming of the games?


  2. Good Luck to the Ontario Ladies Masters – we will be anxiously following them from the sunny shores of Venice, Florida. Go Team Go. Best Wishes, Pam & Chris Gabie.


  3. keep us updated on the latest results Good Luck BC we will be watching your results and cheering you on for a great experience Coleen


  4. hello I am Frank Weiler a member of the Cornwall curling club where our Ladies are from PEI (Shirley Berry rink) , just to wish them a enjoyable week up at the Mount McIntyre Whitehorse C.C. wish I could be there cheering them on, Say hello to Gordie Zealand ,and Clarence Jack on Yukon team , I remember curling with them back in the 90’s , ask them if they remember that “postie” curler for me? good luck to all competitors at the masters… Hope Doug Gee makes some great ice…


  5. Good Luck tomorrow in the Gold Medal Game Team BC Ladies. What a wonderful experience. You have curled well. Good Luck and Good Curling.

    Team McFadden


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