Activities – Summary of Official and Non-Official Events

A. “Meet & Greet” will be held Sunday, March 29th at 6:30 p.m. at the Club.

B. Ceremonies:
Official Opening Ceremonies: the Opening Ceremonies at the Club will take place Monday, March 30
@ 6:00 pm. All players/coaches are required to attend in FULL CURLING ATTIRE and all must be ready/lined-up by 5:45 p.m. so that the Host Committee can start as soon as possible after the last game of Draw #1 is completed.
Daily Draws: Teams will be asked to stand along the Back-Line on their sheet immediately after completion of final second practice draw to button. Once everyone is in place, announcements and introductions will be made. The teams will receive specific instructions from the Chief Umpire and Host committee at the event.
• The Official Closing Ceremonies will take place immediately after the completion of the final games:
Team members, who hopefully are all still present and not involved in the final games, must be
assembled, in FULL ATTIRE, in position to move on to the ice immediately after the completion of such.

C. Social Activity: A special “Yukon Night” is scheduled for Wednesday, April 1st evening at the Club.
– Optional event, teams, friends and supporters are encouraged to participate. Transportation is provided from/to Hotel.

D. The “Closing Banquet” will be held at the Gold Rush Inn on Saturday, April 4th at (TBD). Hotel shuttle will transport between hotels.

The dress code is Business Attire (does not mean matching apparel; no jeans…).
– Cash Bar is available
– Tickets (additional guests): $50.00 per person
Players/Friends/Supporters must confirm or buy tickets by Tuesday, March 31st.

Banquet: This is a formal sit down dinner for all teams, supporters, V.I.P.’s, sponsors, organizing committee members and volunteers. Other than the traditional speeches, the Sportsmanship Awards, as voted upon by all participants, will be presented. Also, a member from one or both NS teams (2016 Host: Nova Scotia) will be asked to invite everyone to next year’s Event.

Team Practice Schedule: CLICK HERE!


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